Slider Card (made easy)

Step 1. Trace an opening in your card using a popsicle stick.

Step 2. Cut the opening with a sharp craft knife.

Step 3. Use a "gum" eraser to remove any pencil marks.

Step 4. Cut out an embellishment (or use a pre-cut one).
This ladybug was cut at 2 ¼" from the Paisley cart in the various layers.

Step 5. Take 2 pennies and apply foam squares in the center.
Cut off the pointy corner edges with your craft knife (as shown in bottom penny).

Step 6. Stick the penny to the backside of your embellisment.

Step 7. Place your other penny on top (piggy-backed) to the backside of your embellishment.

Step 8. Slide your "penny-weight" embellishment into the slot of your card.

Step 9. Enjoy rolling your little bug back and forth.

(This also works great using a birthday cake cutout as an embellishment for a birthday card).

See the results of how the card turned out...

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Michelle F. said...

way tooooooooo cute Roxy!

Vicky said...

Roxy, Love your card its so cute.

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