Working with Fractals

I stumbled upon a blog where some backgrounds were being created with a free software (shareware) program called Tiera-zon. Unfortunately, the one it was linked to was no longer free, but you could download for a $35 price tag.

I decided to search for a free program and found one that works just as well. Here are some graphics I created that I plan on printing out to use on my card crafting.

The possibilities are endless as you can define your own color combinations as well as many different structural designs to create and print out your own paper for your crafting needs! Once you get the hang of how to manipulate your creations, you will be amazed at how easy it is to use. To save what you have created, just hit your "Print Screen" key and paste into your paint program and save it for printing later.

Aros Fractals (Free) A multithreaded, true-color, fractal generating program. For more information and files, visit the Aros Fractals Homepage.
Here is the location of the application should you choose to try it out:
Download Aros Fractals for Windows (165 KB)
Download Aros Fractals for Macintosh (419 KB)

Here is a link to the Fractal Art Gallery. This art reminds me of "Kaleidoscope" images for crafting.

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