I won the Cricut Construction Cone Award!

Thanks to Michelle of Scrappingwithmybug.com for picking me as the winner for the messiest craft space.

I guess that's a good thing if it wins you an award (lol)!

I also received an extra bonus prize from Michelle.

Thank you, Michelle, I love them both!

I've since cleaned up my craft area a bit.

This is a "before" picture...
shocking, isn't it?!?!

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Michelle said...

Hey girl glad to see that you were motivated to clean your space, looks much better LOL.
Glad you like your prizes as well!! Congrats again and enjoy!

Vicky said...

congratulatons on your award, you did a good job cleaning up your room.

Roxinda-head said...

it inspired me to, FINALLY, (after a whole year) get me to use my CDS (yes, you read that correctly). I've had it installed on my computer, but never used it; that's because it would mean I would have to unplug and replug my cricut and take it into my computer area, way across the other side of the room and visa versa. I found that cuts made with the Design Studio are more precise and tear less than they do running it without the software input. Or, maybe I'm just imagining it? Don't know, but since I've been cutting off Design Studio, I have perfect cuts EVERY time! Now, I'm ready to use my Sure-Cuts-Alot software...look out world, I'm in a 'crafty' mood!

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