Jewelry Crafting

I also dabble in crafting my own jewelry. Here I made some earrings to match a lovely piece (necklace on the left) which I bought from my personal Jewels by Park Lane rep, who happens to be my cousin. There weren't any matching earrings available (yet), so I made my own as seen here on the right.

For the earrings, I used two charms from the Pearls & Pumps line available at Michaels craft stores; some jump rings to connect them together and attached them to a "fish hook with tiny ball-style" earring wire.

I used a Jewelry 5-Piece Beading Pliers set of tools from Westrim Crafts I got from JoAnn's craft store to complete my project.

Crafting Jewelry isn't as hard as you think. With the correct pair of pliers and some findings, charms, etc., you can make yourself a personalized set of items to your taste.
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Michelle said...

very pretty, I just made my first bracelet the other day! great job!

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