Home-made Rub Ons

I'm sharing a technique, which I used several years ago, and had forgotten all about it until today when I came across the transparency while cleaning out a craft drawer. Transparencies are normally used in the office environment for presentations...I used mine for crafting! :D

This is a photo of a regular transparency sheet which I used to print out some nice pictures I found on the internet. Note, in order for this to work if there are words printed on the graphic, you must print in reverse, same as for t-shirt print settings.

I place the print side down on my paper, and using my score pal embossing tool, I rub the image until it transfers onto the paper.

This is a rough draft of how the transferred image will look. You can now color it in and embellish if you wish. 

I colored my image using gel pens for a glossy look...it's a bit messy, but you get the idea! You can cut it out and place it on a card, or you can transfer and rub directly onto your card stock. 

Thank you for allowing me to share and taking the time to look, and I hope it inspires you to make your own wonderful creations! :D

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