Sure Cuts A Lot

I have the program Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) and really love it.
I have downloaded many FREE SVG cut files from their web blog to make cards.
There are ◄26 pages► of FREE cuts.
Here is the FREE "Corset" SVG cut:

Page 22 05.23.09 Corset
If you already have SCAL software, there is an UPDATE you can download, (that's if you don't already have it).
What's New in Version 2
Also, you can package your SVG files into one SCAL library file to add to the Shapes Library/Tab in "Sure Cuts A Lot (version 2)."
"SCAL Lib It Up" is a FREE program to package SVG files into a singe Library file to add to Sure Cuts A Lot 2.

Did you also know that you can cut any FONT installed on your computer?
Here is a screen cap of some fonts that you could cut in SCAL.

Webdings Font

Wingdings Font

Punchdings Font (lower case)

Punchdings Font (UPPER case)
Download Punchdings

KutUps Font (lower case)

KutUps Font (UPPER case)
Download a complete KutUps key character map.
Download the KutUps font

All fonts courtesy of "Clever Someday" Wordpress blog site.

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