October 31st Cricut Cartridge

I couldn't pass up buying this Halloween Cartridge from the Fall Collection (I just love Halloween)! All the cuts on here are very intricate, so small size cuts might not work well on thin paper.

This is a view of the keypad.

Card Front:

Card Back:

I cut a few samples as shown here.

This is the haunted house cut at 4"
I love all the intricate detail.
(3rd row on keypad, 4th in from the right)

This is the "Velcome" emblem cut at 4"
I especially like the drippy bloody bottom effect.
(5th row on the keypad, 1st in from the right)

This is the "Happy Haunting" emblem cut at 4"
This would have probably worked better on plain vs patterned paper.
(5th row on the keypad, 2nd in from the right)

This is the evil Jack cut at 3"
So scary!
(2nd row on keypad, 1st on the left)

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