Cricut Cake Apron

It's true! It's true!

I received a FedEx package in the mail the other day, and I was puzzled, because I couldn't remember what I had ordered! As I was scratching my head, I looked at the label and noticed it said "Provo Craft" which confused me all the more, as I know I haven't ordered anything from them directly!

So, as I opened the mystery package, lo and behold, out popped a pink and brown apron. The very same apron I heard that I wouuld receive "FREE" from the purchase of a Martha Stewart's Cricut Cake machine.

I love the fact that the tie strings are extra long to compensate for us "larger" crafting gals!

I ordered my Cricut Cake on July 19th and I recevied my apron October 2nd.
Good to know Provo Craft does honor its promises!

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