Michaels Super Fantastic weekend sale

Michaels advertised an exclusive Cricut Cart sale for $9.99 starting Saturday, January 8th. HOWEVER...word on the street came down that Corporate had instructed some stores to let the sale start on Friday, the day BEFORE! So, you know that when I got to my local Michaels' (2 stores in my area) early on Saturday morning, they had little or no carts left.

The good thing out of this very disappointing sale was that I purchased a Gypsy for $49.99 and a Jukebox for ONLY $9.99! Yes, you read that right...no typos. I did pick up a few carts that I didn't have, because the carts that they were advertising on sale, were ones I luckily already had in my collection. They also had Gypsy accessories on sale as well. My disappointment quickly turned to squeals of delight.

You might say I'm now a VERY happy "Cricuteer!" :D

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Vicky said...

congratulations on your purchase, i went to michaels this morning and they had sold the last gypsy before I got there.

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