Martha Stewart Punches

While watching 24-Hour Craft night on HSN, I noticed a bundle of Martha Stewart Punches on special. I almost clicked my remote to order this set (via my wonderful Cable TV remote option), but luckily I didn't make that impulse purchase as I remembered that my local craft stores carry Martha's Punches. So, with my 40% and 50% coupons, I realized I could get these for at half the price their asking for on HSN.

I had plenty of coupons, unfortunately, you can only use one coupon per day. No problem...I made several trips. But, what about the extra gas used to get to the stores? Not an issue, as I stopped off at these stores on my way home from work, so no extra trip or gas used! Thus, my savings were enormous (by scrapbooking standards)!

Here is the Martha Stewart Special being offered on HSN:

Here is a look at my treasure-trove after buying the same punches with my coupons (I might have added one or two extra since I couldn't resist the savings).

I substituted the Heartbeat Pattern Punch with the Starry Sky punch (not because the Heart punch wasn't available, but because I prefer the stars).

Here is how I calculated the savings. The following punches were available with this bundle:

•Snow Flurry Punch Around The Page set (24.99) - $14.99 (40%)
•Flower Shower Punch Around The Page set ($27.99) - $16.74 (40%)
•Heartbeat Punch All Over The Page ($17.99) $10.79 (40%)
•Nordic Snowflake Punch All Over The Page ($19.99) $11.99 (40%)
•Lattice Heart Deep Edge Punch ($17.99) $10.79 (40%)
•Gifts Deep Edge Punch ($17.99) $10.79 (40%)
•Fall Leaves Edge Punch ($17.99) $10.79 (40%)
•Pumpkin Stamp and Punch Pack ($12.99) $7.79 (40%)
•Sitting Bunny Craft Punch ($9.99) $5.99 (40%)
Retail price is in parenthesis and my coupon price follows showing the discount used. Total Retail value is $167.91 – HSN price is $139.95 – Craft Store prices (with 40% off coupons = $100.75) (with 50% off coupons = $83.95).

Moral of the story; I believe you can sometimes get a better deal at your local craft store than the impulse HSN marketing that sucks you in without you realizing it. I know from experience because that's how I got my Cricut Expression machine! :D
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